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Caring for your Beautiful blooms…

#1 A clean glass vase is the best option for your roses. Ceramic vases have small pores that can harbor bacteria this will affect the lifespan of your roses.

#2 Using sharp, clean pruning shears or knife, cut the stems of your roses at an angle. The oblique cut creates a larger surface area to allow the stem to absorb the water and nutrients. Remove any leaves at the bottom of the stem that would go  below the water level.

Check the flower heads over, there should not be any damaged or marked petals; if however, you spot one, gently remove by loosening the petal at the base of the flower from right to left. Occasionally what are know as ‘Guard Petals’ – identified from their inner thick white vertical stripe, may be left on the flower head. This safety petal keeps the flower head in cased and allows the bloom to remain closed for longer. it is this Guard Petal that will discolour first and if left on will go brown and quickly will spread discoloration through the entire bud. It is so worth taking the time to spot any of these petals and remove them once in your home, prolonging the longevity of your flowers.


Always place your roses in clean (lukewarm) water. Most of the thorns will have been carefully removed by your florist and so you do not have to be remove them. Creating a cut on the stem is like a cut on the skin and would allow bacteria to enter the stem.

#3 Use the flower fertilizer (provided) in the vase. In addition, the diagonally cut stems should not remain in the air for too long, so hurry up with the care. Otherwise, the rose will eventually hang its head with sadness and thirst.

#5 Regularly top up the water in the vase with clean, lukewarm water. Thoroughly clean the vase once a week, and recut the stems diagonally again about 3 cm up and place back in clean lukewarm water. If you’ve received another flower fertilizer sachet, use this now.

Your roses will be happiest in a cool spot with no drafts. Keep them away from the sun, heaters or stoves.

Fresh fruit can also shorten the life span of your flowers, as fruit ripens it emits ethalene gas which will age your vase of flowers. So position well and with care, your beautiful gift.

When you receive your roses, put them in water as soon as possible, otherwise they will go limp. If this has already happened – Then, keep the roses wrapped tightly in newspaper, place them in cold water, and leave them in a cold place indoors overnight. Sing them a little song and give them a kiss good night. There is still hope – and a good chance that they will have recovered by morning. Then follow the instructions above and postion in vase.  Taking good care of your roses, with these steps, will allow them to stay beautiful for as long as possible and give you so much joy and pleasure!

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