Meet the Silver Fox!

Hurrah, a relatively unknown, less common monstera – that super easy to care for!

This beautiful blue green jewel in the Monstera family, has distinctive silver veins as a youngling and as a vine plant it can either be left to trail or staked to climb. 

Originating in South America, this gorgeous green gift thrives in warm and humid places. So consider this when introducing to your home and positioning your new pal. A bright, indirect sunlit space will also allow this Silver Fox to really shine.

The Silver Fox is quick off the mark too! So don’t be surprised if your considering where to wind the stem regularly. Before you know it he’ll be away-charming the plants off the shelves on the other side of the room!! Watch out for this one.

Like others in the monstera family, this Silver Fox will provide some fenestrations (holes in leaves) but this is seen in very mature leaves when the plant is climbing and staked to a pole – after two or three years. With maturity the leaves will lose the silvery nature and become fuller and duller in appearance – such is life, says the menopausal woman! 

Watering plants generally, follow the rule of the finger… dip into the soil and if dry an inch down give the plant some water. Just don’t let the plant sit in water for long and discard the drained through water once the plant has finished water uptake. I usually leave my plants sat with the drained water for about an hour to allow the soil to take up the water if it is still thirsty.