He’s your new plant pal the Chinese Evergreen aka AGLAONEMA VIV is a ‘Silver Bay’ boy with large impressive oval shaped leaves. These two toned beauties are very easy care plants and a gorgeous addition to any place in your home that needs a bit of Wow! The Aglaonema plant is a super houseplant to have in your Cosmic Collection because it can withstand draughty, darker places and requires very little care – my kinda easy! His name is VIC because he’s a goody – clearing the air waves for you to breathe more easily. I’ve had mine for about 4 years now, and it’s as healthy and pleasing on the eye now as it was then. It sits in the centre of my living room, a heavily shaded spot – opposite an open fire – I remember to water home about every 3 weeks and he’s ok with that. I top water him as he’s a shallow root system and so it is harder for him to gather water from the base up. I’ve put down on your instructions to water him at about 7-10 days – just a bit. The consistency of a regular watering pattern with all plants keeps them at their happiest. So mine at 3 weeks is ok – cos he knows what’s coming & when! If a room is too dark, you’ll notice the colouration fading in the leaf pattern. VIC will thrive in humid well lit spaces; but is tolerant of low humidity too – making this plant one of the best, most versatile house plants around! Word to the wise, VIC doesn’t want to be rubbed on your chest. He’s not that kinda guy. Neither should you or your loved pets or babes snack on his leaves. It might upset tummies if you were to do this. Much better to obtain proper sustenance from a reliable edible source and leave VIC to be enjoyed by your eyes only!